Corporate Property Services (CPS) is Tanzania's only Independent Property Advisory, committed to supporting their Clients in maximising the value of their Real Estate assets.




CPS offer a wide range of advisory and consultancy services, drawing on the extensive Tanzanian development experience of our Directors to provide precise analysis and strategic advice on how best to leverage the potential of our client’s land assets.Our experience of Tanzanian land and hospitality development is peerless


Our proven track record as developers embraces luxury boutique hotels and innovative affordable housing schemes,  institutional social facilities to private beach villas.
We enter into Joint Ventures with land owners to create inspiring property schemes that add value with transparency and trust. 


As market leaders in Zanzibar real estate transactions over the last ten years, CPS have built up a reputation for surpassing the expectations of our clients . 
We help owners of land, property or select businesses to sell, conduct property searches and advisory for buyers......

CPS Tanzania: Who We Are

CPS (Corporate Property Solution) Limited, with offices in Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar, Tanzania, is an independent development advisory, committed to developing vibrant, efficient urban communities for the growing residential markets of Tanzania and East Africa.