As market leaders in Zanzibar Real Estate over the last ten years, CPS have built up a reputation for surpassing the expectations of the clients that they represent.

We have represented Private Equity buyers looking for African trophy assets, large corporations seeking regional bases, hospitality investors in need of pristine beach hotel sites, (subsequently negotiating partnerships with world-class hotel management brands), always able to identify and astutely negotiate the ideal property, generally off-market, at better value and in full transparent compliance than can be achieved alone.

CPS will also assist in finding buyers for select sites, remarkable in location, appointment or opportunity, on an exclusive representation basis. If the owner is interested solely in a transaction, we can help them maximise the returns on their asset and minimise the risk, by seeking interested, committed buyers, either from our existing client database or through our networks of HNWI, Family Trusts, commercial investors and Private Funds, regionally and across the globe.

If the land asset already features an existing business, we can expedite win-win transactions for both selling and buying parties by offering equitable, market-sensible evaluations, whilst also identifying and advising on the optimum development scenario and maximum yield potential for the buyer’s peace of mind. 

The NDA's that we sign with our clients are a guarantee of discretion, but also prevent us from disclosing examples of our transactions' record on our website.

Contact us for a private discussion on how we can help.