CPS Partners


Sebastian Dietzold

Sebastian is the Founding Partner of CPS, his mission to bring European standards in Real Estate and Property Development to East Africa, where he had grown up.

Sebastian had left Tanzania to study Civil Engineering and Real Estate Investment Management at Universities in Germany and the UK, and after a successful period in Real Estate Portfolio Management for KPMG, PWC and Deutsche Bank, formed CPS Live, a Corporate Real Estate & Portfolio Management Consultancy in Berlin. The Zanzibar office was opened in 2011, rapidly becoming the market leader in transactions and advisory services, branching out into urban development and modular, prefab housing technology. 

Sebastian's commitment to developing thriving, sustainable urban centres and affordable housing solutions for the growing professional classes of East Africa drives CPS forward, redefining the scope and standards of Property Development in the Region. 

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Bobby McKenna

Bobby joined CPS as Partner in 2017 to lead the strategic expansion and positioning of the mainland Tanzania operation.

He brings with him 25 years of Tanzania experience, starting as a safari guide in the last century before working his way up through various senior management hospitality roles, to become the creative visionary that we consider him to be today. 

Bobby's principal experience lies in the luxury sector where he has successfully delivered upscale hotels and residential schemes for clients and investors.

His passion for design, efficiency and environmental responsibility keeps the CPS projects progressive in their outlook and innovative in their execution. 

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Katrin Dietzold

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Tobias Dietzold

A Founding Partner of CPS Tanzania, Tobias is the man who keeps our Projects ticking over smoothly, in his capacity as COO. 

Logistics in East Africa can be a radical challenge, the demands of Property Development particularly so, but having grown up in Tanzania, he has mastered a lifetime experience of its complexities. 

After a period away in Germany for a degree in Economics and Engineering, working for the German Development Agency, GIZ, Tobias returned to Tanzania to apply his calm controls management to a broad range of projects, from booming backpacker hostels to thriving fair-trade organisations and innovative start-ups.  

Since joining CPS, Tobias has been responsible for the executive management of all logistics, data and IT responsibilities of our Property Development schemes.